Catharanthus roseus

Cora Vinca (commonly referred to as periwinkle) are the first varieties of this species to be resistant to the aerial Phytophthora fungus, a devastating disease that until now limited use of this species in Texas landscapes. In addition, they are heat and humidity tolerant and deer resistant. They are available in a wide array of colors with either upright or trailing habits and flower throughout the summer with some of the largest flowers in the genus.

Exposure: Full sun, but will tolerate semi–shade

Size: Height — 14 to 18 inches tall

Plant type: Annual

Planting time: Late spring to summer

Soil type: Adaptable to most soils

Suggested uses: Bedding, containers, hanging baskets (trailing types), window boxes

Special notes: The best time to plant vinca is after the soil has thoroughly warmed in late spring or early summer; it does best in hot weather; it is drought tolerant, but does best with good soil drainage and regular water and fertilization at moderate levels