Prepared by the Texas Department of Agriculture as part of the GO TEXAN program in collaboration with the Texas Superstar® team.

Mexican white oak named Texas Superstar shade tree 09/20/2023

Ignite gardens with newest Texas Superstar – the firecracker plant

Ruby Crush tomato named Texas Superstar plant 03/25/2023
Gulf muhly named new Texas Superstar plant 10/27/2022
Master Gardener advanced training set Nov. 1-3 in Tyler 09/29/2022
Holly fern named newest Texas Superstar plant 09/01/2022
Red yucca is latest Texas Superstar 05/26/2022
‘Tangerine Beauty crossvine named new Texas Superstar 04/21/2022
Gorizia rosemary, aka Barbecue Skewers, newest Texas Superstar 06/03/2021
Black Stockings napier grass newest Texas Superstar 05/17/2021
Rock rose ornamental named newest Texas Superstar 05/06/2021
Celebrity tomato latest Texas Superstar 03/25/2021
New Texas Superstar brochure updates highlighted plants 06/26/2020
Mexican heather makes Texas Superstar list 06/05/2020
Blue Daze named Texas Superstar 05/08/2020
Pentas past and present are Texas Superstars 04/23/2020
Purslane adds color that can take the Texas heat 04/08/2020
Looking for a Texas-tough Petunia? Tidal Wave series has you covered 03/17/2020
Proven Texas-tough, Lindheimer muhly grass great for Texas landscapes 09/18/2019
Yellow butterfly vine named Texas Superstar 06/09/2019
White Angel, Blue Angel altheas the latest Texas Superstar releases 05/09/2019
New Look celosia latest Texas Superstar release 04/04/2019
Texas Superstar Festival Strawberry available for Valentine’s Day 04/04/2019
Festival Strawberry latest Texas Superstar release 09/27/2018
‘Basket of Fire’ pepper latest Texas Superstar release 06/14/2018
Mystic Spires Blue Salvia latest Texas Superstar release 04/26/2018
New Texas Superstar introduced: Balsamic Blooms 04/15/2017
New Texas Superstar introduced: Victoria Red grapes 03/29/2017
New Texas Superstar introduced: Basham’s Party Pink crape myrtle 06/30/2016
Texas Superstar® – Strong & Stunning Plants for Texans (PDF) 06/22/2016
New Texas Superstar introduced: Brazilian Red Hots 06/04/2016
East Texas Field Day in Overton June 23 to feature hundreds of ornamental varieties 05/31/2016
New Texas Superstar introduced: Whopper begonias 05/05/2016
Little Ruby alternanthera named newest Texas Superstar plant 07/31/2015
Arctic Frost satsuma mandarin hybrid named new Texas Superstar 06/10/2015
Heat–tolerant hybrid alyssum named Texas Superstar 04/29/2015
New and old fall zinnias named Texas Superstars 08/22/2014
Super cold hardy Satsuma Orange Frost named Texas Superstar 06/04/2014
Purple Flash named Texas Superstar 05/06/2014
Tycoon Tomato: Texas Superstar (Video) 03/28/2014
Tycoon Tomato named Texas Superstar 03/13/2014
Lady Bird Johnson bluebonnet ‘bluer than blue’ 10/02/2013
Mari–mums: chrysanthemum color lasting two or three times longer 08/28/2013
Princess Caroline brings light and grace to a garden 05/23/2013
What’s in a name? Would that which we call a BHN–968 tomato taste as sweet? 04/01/2013
Natchez thornless blackberry named New Texas Superstar 02/14/2013
Lowrey’s Legacy Cenizo named Texas Superstar 06/27/2012
Rio Series Mandevilla named new Texas Superstar 06/21/2012
New Texas Superstar kept blooming through 2011’s blistering days 05/21/2012
Overview of the Texas Superstar® Program 11/03/2011
Cool Season Euphorbias – AgriLife News 10/31/2011
Baby’s Breath euphorbia a Texan plant at heart – AgriLife News 06/10/2011
Turks’s cap named new Texas Superstar – AgriLife News 05/25/2011
‘Faux snapdragon’ Superstar can thrive in Texas heat – AgriLife News 04/20/2011
‘Blue Princess’ verbena regains its Texas Superstar crown – AgriLife News 07/14/2010
‘Pink Flare’ hibiscus might be too gaudy for some – AgriLife News 07/12/2010
Satsuma Miho mandarins tolerate 14 degrees F – AgriLife News 06/02/2010
Dakota Gold: a Texas Superstar ‘weed–to–riches’ story – AgriLife News 05/14/2010
Grandma’s Yellow Rose selected as Texas Superstar – AgriLife News 05/03/2010
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