‘Henry Duelberg’ Salvia – Low maintenance, heat tolerant, native perennial with masses of showy blue flowers

Cape Plumbago – Tender perennial with profuse blue flowers which thrives in the hot Texas summer. Disease-, pest- and deer-resistant

‘Tidal Wave Cherry’ Petunia – Bright cherry red flowers that can be seen from a quarter mile away at 70 miles per hour

Variegated Tapioca – Tropical foliage plant grown as an annual in all but southern-most Texas. The variegated form is prized for its vivid chartreuse/yellow patterned leaves

‘Texas Dawn’ Water Lily – Rich yellow flowers with a lemony fragrance. Green top leaves speckled purple with purple undersides

Deciduous Holly – Truly outstanding small native tree, very low maintenance, showy red or orange berries (on female plants). Attracts songbirds. Heat and drought tolerant

Dwarf Mexican Petunia – Spectacular, low-growing, heat-tolerant perennial with profusions of violet, light pink or white flowers. Highly pest resistant

Duranta, Brazilian Sky Flower – Rapid growing, dense shrub with small glossy leaves and a profusion of pendulous racemes of small flowers with colors varying from light blue to purple

Angelonia, Summer Snapdragon – Spreading annual with upright flower spikes that resemble miniature snapdragons. Flower colors available include white, pink, purple, lavender, and lavender pink

Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummondii, Turk's Cap – A rapidly growing, coarse textured plant that produces a profusion of "turban-like" flowers in various colors ranging from bright red to pink to white. Flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies

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