Solanum lycopersicum, ‘Ruby Crush

Ruby Crush is a grape tomato on a truly determinate plant. The compact plants produce trusses of tomatoes which can be one- and one-half inches wide by one and one quarter inches long. Fruit is scarlet red with a flavorful sweet taste. The variety Ruby Crush has a high resistance to the following: Fusarium crown and root rot 1 & 2, Fusarium wilt, Tomato mosaic virus 0-2, and a medium resistance to Gray leaf spot. Ruby Crush has performed exceptionally well in field trials with less-than-ideal growing conditions. It produces a strong plant and if caged with adequate fertility will come out the top of a 4-foot cage. For several years it has been the best variety in the field even though it is a grape tomato. In addition, the variety will perform splendidly in a container. The fruit matures early, often 60 days from transplanting. Fruit weight ranges from 12 to 17 grams or about half an ounce.

Exposure: Full sun exposure is required for optimum production

Size: Plant is determinant but can get 3 to 4 feet tall

Plant type: Perennial but grown as an annual in Texas due to cold

Planting time: Best in spring. Can be planted in mid-summer for fall harvest though white flies and virus hinder production

Soil type: Almost any well drained soil

Suggested uses: Field use, but best if caged. Ideal for containers

Special notes: Tomatoes do continue to ripen after being picked and are typically harvested when they start to “break” or change color