USDA ZONE 10 – 11

Portulaca oleracea, P. umbraticola, or hybrids

Purslane makes a spreading groundcover with succulent leaves that are covered with flowers all summer long. They require full sun and a hot, dry location which in Texas is not hard to find. The flowers have iridescent colors which open with the sun and close at night. They can be used to carpet a bed or to spill from containers and baskets. The Cupcake series performs well and has spreading and upright forms. The Muffin series and Rio Grande series are also outstanding performers. The Toucan series can be grown from seed while the others are produced vegetatively.

Exposure: Full sun is needed for good flowering.

Size: Height — Spreading types grow 4 to 10 inches tall with upright types slightly taller. Spread — 12 – 24 inches.

Plant type: Annual in Texas except in coastal areas and the Valley where temperatures never fall below freezing.

Planting time: Best in spring but can be planted in the summer. Larger plants are best when planting in the heat.

Soil type: Tolerant of soil type but needs good drainage. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Suggested uses: Mass bedding, edging for borders, as a spiller in mixed containers, window boxes, and hanging baskets. Will spill over the edge of raised beds.

Special notes: Flowers generally open during daylight hours though they may close somewhat earlier in extreme heat. Cupcake Cherry Baby is a cultivar that stays open a little longer during the day than others.

Additional information on Cupcake, Muffin and Rio Grande series purslane in this AgriLife Today article.