Citrus reticulata ‘Orange Frost’

‘Orange Frost’ Mandarin hybrid is a cross between a very seedy, but cold hardy Changsha tangerine and a very high quality Satsuma. The fruit is very sweet, easy to peel and only has one or two seeds per fruit. More importantly the tree has more cold hardiness than Satsuma; hence once established it will tolerate more cold than satsumas meaning they can be pushed a bit north.

Exposure: Full sun; minimum of 8 to 10 hours of sun per day

Size: Eight to ten feet high and wide in the ground; four to six feet in containers

Plant type: Evergreen citrus tree

Planting time: Early spring after the danger of frost has passed

Suggested uses: Accent plant for backyard and potential patio containers

Special notes: This Texas Superstar® should expand the planting zone for citrus in the ground moving as far north as zone 8; some protection will be required in the establishment phase; the tree will also work well in containers; adequate fertility and a well–drained potting soil are a must in containers; amend the mix with slow release fertilizer and water once a month with a water soluble fertilizer