Celosia plumosa ‘New Look’

USDA ZONE 10 – 11

New Look celosia is a plumed type commonly called feathered amaranth or feather celosia. It has bright red flowers soaring above dark, bronze foliage. The flowers are very long lasting and are continually produced throughout the summer season. Plants and flowers tolerate light shade and dry conditions when established and will stand up to a Texas summer much better than other celosias of this type. New Look celosia lends an exotic look to the garden and can be used for bedding, in containers, and as a cut flower. This outstanding celosia has been on the market for many years and has stood the test of time in trial gardens across the state. Make sure you look for the name New Look in order to get the new Texas Superstar® celosia! 

Exposure: Full sun and will tolerate light shade

Size: Height — 10 to 14 inches; Spread — 12 to 14 inches

Plant type: Warm season annual

Planting time: After the last frost date in spring to summer from containers

Soil type: Adapts to most soils, but needs good drainage

Suggested uses: Bedding, containers alone or mixed, fresh or dried cut flowers

Special notes: Does best with good drainage and consistent moisture. Return flowering is greatly enhanced if old flowers are removed. Can be started from seed 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost date or direct sown in the garden after the last spring frost date.

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