Rubus fruticosus ‘Natchez’

‘Natchez’ blackberry is a thornless cultivar released by the University of Arkansas. It is a trailing plant that produces an abundance of large, elongated fruit. The fruit is the largest produced by a thornless cultivar. Fruit quality is firm and outstanding and could be a commercial variety.

Exposure: Full sun for maximum production

Height: Canes are trailing and can attain heights of six to eight feet; some sort of trellis will be necessary in order to keep the canes off the ground

Plant type: Biennial; grow a top the first year, those canes fruit the next year and then they die; the plant sends up new canes each growing season for the next year’s crop 

Planting time: Plant dormant root cuttings in early winter, or plants in early spring three feet apart

Soil type: Numerous as long as well drained; iron chlorosis may be an issue when soil pH is over 7.8

Suggested uses: Container patio plant or a fruit producing accent bed in the landscape

Special notes: To maintain plant health and vigor, some of the fruit should be removed each growing season; too much fruit can cause subsequent prima canes to be weak with a poor crop the next year