Salvia longispicata x farinacea ‘Mystic Spires Blue’

Improved for 2018!

Mystic Spires Blue Salvia is a compact form of another popular salvia called ‘Indigo Spires’. Though shorter than ‘Indigo Spires’, it flowers even more freely during the entire growing season. It produces masses of true blue flowers that mix nicely with other annuals and perennials, is tolerant of heat and humidity (low and high), and is not bothered by pests or diseases or deer. The ‘Improved’ form sheds dead petals for a cleaner look in the garden. After 2018, the ‘Improved’ part of the name will be dropped as the original form is no longer available. A great selection gets even better!

For further information: Mystic Spires Blue Salvia latest Texas Superstar release

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Height — 18 to 30 inches tall

Plant type: Perennial

Planting time: Spring to summer from containers

Soil type: Adapts to most soils, but needs good drainage

Suggested uses: Bedding, containers, perennial border, cut flower

Special notes: Mystic Spires Blue Salvia is hardy to USDA hardiness zone 7 with good drainage; excess water and fertilizer can result in excessive vegetative growth and lack of flowers; if needed, plants can be pruned during the growing season as reflowering occurs quickly; shoots can be pruned to 12 inches or so in the fall after being killed by freezing, but refrain from pruning to the ground until growth is strong in the spring.

Salvia Mystic Spires Blue with Petunia Tidal Wave Cherry in the foreground and Jatropha to the left