Tagetes erecta cultivars

Mari–mum is the concept of using large–flowered hybrid marigolds in place of chrysanthemums in the landscape. These plants have blooms with similar floral appearance to chrysanthemums providing a punch of color just when the fading garden needs it. The flowers last 2–3 times longer than chrysanthemums, are inexpensive and don’t require the constant pinching and pruning. By planting mari–mums in the cooler temperatures of late August to early September, spider mite pressure is greatly reduced. Transplant these fall annuals in containers or in landscape beds to provide outstanding color until late in the season. Mari–mums need a sunny spot with well–drained soil. Incorporate organic matter and fertilizer as needed.

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Height — 1 foot tall; width — 1 foot wide

Bloom time: September till frost

Care: To avoid spider mites, plant transplants, not yet in bloom, in early–mid August