Muhlenbergia capillaris

Muhlenbergia capillaris, also known as hairy-awn muhly or gulf muhly is a 1 1/2-3 ft., perennial grass. Gulf muhly is a perennial North American ornamental grass known for its incredible drought tolerance and the pink color of its inflorescences. This tough native grass is excellent for providing that shot of color as our summer beds fade from excessive heat. The airy pink profusion of blooms has been described as clouds, fireworks or a rose-colored fog.

Exposure: Heaviest bloom occurs in full sun; however, the plant will tolerate some shade. It is hardy to zones 6 through 9.

Size: Gulf muhly has an upright mounding habit and usually grows to 2 to 3 feet wide with unbranched long, wiry deciduous green leaves. This perennial grass has a dramatic pink cloud of blooms that may extend to about half the plant’s height of 2 to 3 feet

Plant type: Deciduous, upright mounding perennial grass

Planting time: Container grown plants can be planted year-round

Soil type: Well-drained sandy soils are best; however, any well drained soil can be tolerated. Plants are soil pH adaptable. Gulf muhly prefers low fertility sites. Drought and heat tolerance are excellent once plants are established.

Suggested uses: Pink muhly grass is low-maintenance and tough. These grasses naturally provide sanctuary to many small birds and pollinators. The mixed border would really benefit from the inclusion of gulf muhly. In addition, muhly grass is known to be deer-resistant and largely free of ailments or pests.