Gomphrena globosa

Globe amaranth (known by some as bachelor’s buttons) are versatile, often overlooked summer annuals that thrive in the Texas heat. Varieties range in size from 8 inches to 48 inches, and vary in color from whites, to pinks, to lavendars, to dark, rich purples. Many named variety series were tested and found to be true Texas Superstars®, including the All Around, Las Vegas, Audray, Gnome and Buddy series.

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Height — 1–4 feet and about as wide depending in named series

Plant type: Heat–loving, summer annual

Planting time: Early summer after nights have become warm

Soil Type: Well-drained; tolerates wide range of soil types

Suggested use: Mass plantings; combination plantings with other summer annuals such as salvia and Mexican mint marigold; make nice cut flowers for beautifying the indoors

For further information: New Texas Superstar® kept blooming through 2011′s blistering days