Ocimum hybrid ‘Balsamic Blooms’

‘Balsamic Blooms’ is a versatile basil from new breeding lines. This plant has attractive green foliage and deep purple blooms. Unlike most basils, the entire plant is edible so you can chop the flowers and sprinkle them on your salad to provide a nice color contrast. The foliage may be used for traditional culinary uses. The long-lasting purple blooms allows this new plant introduction to be considered an excellent edible ornamental.

NOTE:  We have received several reports during the 2024 growing season that the availability of ‘Balsamic Blooms’ is limited.  The cultivar ‘Cardinal’ is an acceptable alternative with very similar features and performance.

Exposure: Does best in full sun to maintain the colorful flowers; space plants 18-24″ apart

Size: Height: Has a mounding growth habit reaching 18-24″ and is great for either the garden or the landscape

Plant Type: Annual with the ability to continue to grow soft new foliage while it continues to carry the purple flowers; the blooms and foliage are long lasting

Planting Time: Transplants are available in spring in several pot sizes from 4″ to 1 gallon containers

Soil Type: Most any well drained soil; keep the soil slightly damp while establishing the plants and then slow the supplemental irrigation

Suggested Uses: ‘Balsamic Blooms’ is a lovely herb with multiple flavors on the same plant. Use the minty blooms to add color in a salad. The foliage has a sweeter basil flavor which may be used for pesto or other traditional culinary uses. ‘Balsamic Blooms’ is so attractive it may be used as an edible ornamental in the landscape.

Special Note: ‘Balsamic Blooms’ does not require pinching or other special care, though removing older flowers will keep the plant actively growing with fresh new growth and flowers. It is also pollinator friendly!

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