Little Ruby Alternanthera

A recent selection that is a smaller, more compact version of the traditional garden plant called Joseph’s Coat. It has a long planting season and can be used as a ground cover where its foliage color blends well with other plants or as a container plant. Foliage is a rich burgundy in full sun. It tolerates and is still attractive in shade but the foliage is more greenish in color.

Exposure: Full sun for the darkest burgundy foliage to partial shade

Size: 12 to 15 inches high by 14 to 16 inches wide

Plant Type: Grown as a warm season annual but may be perennial in areas that only experience light frost

Planting Time: Typically in the spring after danger of frost has passed, but may also be planted during the summer and into the fall in warm areas

Soil Type: Tolerant of soil types, but benefits from good drainage and a soil rich in organic material

Suggested Uses: Use as a ground cover or foreground planting; also useful in containers

Special Notes: Plants are very heat tolerant; burgundy foliage contrasts well with plants that have yellow, gold, or even white or pink blooms

For Further Information: Little Ruby Alternanthera Named Newest Texas Superstar® Plant