Evolvulus glomeratus

USDA ZONE 9 – 11

‘Blue Daze’ Evolvulus glomeratus is a heat and sun loving low spreading annual. Growers are rewarded with summer long flowers in a beautiful sky blue hue. The brilliant blue funnel-shaped flowers are small but plentiful and presented on a backdrop of grey green foliage. ‘Blue Daze’ will thrive in those garden hotspots that threaten less hardy species.

Exposure: Ideally grows and blooms in full sun. Flowering is reduced in areas that are too shady. ‘Blue Daze’ is tolerant of salty conditions and should be considered for coastal gardens.

Size: Height — Grows 9 to 18 inches tall and spreads to 36 inches wide. 

Plant type: Generally grown as an annual where frost is experienced. Tender perennial in USDA zones 9-11.

Planting time: Plants are readily available in the spring through the summer months starting with 4 1/2 inch or quart size containers progressing later in the season to larger 10” hanging baskets.

Soil type: “Blue Daze” requires a moist soil that is well drained. Wet plants can quickly contract fungal diseases that will severely shorten their life span. A wide range of soils is tolerated including poor and sandy soils.

Suggested uses: ‘Blue daze’ is a spiller and works best when you need a quick spreading cascading groundcover for mass bedding, mixed borders, mixed containers or hanging baskets. 

Special notes: Benefits from mulching and regular summer irrigation as long as the soil drains. This prolific bloomer benefits from monthly applications of fertilizer during the growing season.

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