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Satsuma Mandarin

Citrus reticulata

Highest quality, most cold tolerant citrus for Texas. Easy to peel, almost seedless, very sweet mandarin orange. Attractive evergreen foliage; white flowers with wonderful fragrance. Recommended cultivars include 'Miho' and 'Seto'. A new hybrid between satsuma mandarin and the more cold hardy Changsha tangerine, 'Orange Frost', is now available (see closeup photo).

Hardiness: Zone 9

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Height 5 feet tall, 5 feet wide

Bloom Time: Flowers in spring, fruits ripen in late fall.

Care: Outside of south Texas, grow in a 20-gallon container & move indoors when temperature is 25 F or colder.

Picture of the Satsuma Mandarin fruit on the tree

Picture of the Satsuma Mandarin fruit on the tree

Satsuma Orange Frost

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