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Lynn's Legacy Cenizo

Leucophyllum langmaniae

'Lynn's Legacy' was selected for its profuse and frequent flower displays. It grows slowly to about 5 feet tall and wide, with a dense, rounded form. Its sage green foliage is a wonderful backdrop for the lavender flowers. Compared to most selections of Texas sage, it is not as dependent on changes in relative hunidity for flowering and can bloom more often during the course of the summer than other selections.

Exposure: Full sun

Size: Height 5 feet

Plant Type: Woody shrub

Planting Time: Anytime from containers

Soil Type: Tolerant of most soils as long as they are well drained and not soggy.

Suggested use: General purpose shrub where a touch of silvery foliage is desired; other uses include as a foundation shrub, in island plantings, xeriscapes or in mixed boarders; with appropriate substrate, it can be used in containers on sunny patios.

Special notes: Multiple flowering flushes frequently occur during a growing season. Avoid overwatering.

Lynn's Legacy (Lowery's Legacy) Cenizo named Texas Superstar®

Lowery's Legacy

Lowery's Legacy

Lowery's Legacy

Lowery's Legacy

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